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Tecnowall mixed panels

FIP and TECNOACUSTICA, in the field of research on innovative materials and panels, are trying to optimize the resources available in order to obtain new panels, more and more compliant with Customer's requirements, at an industrial, road and railway level.

Each panel that is manufactured and sold features many positive characteristics, but also different negative aspects that exclude it from usage in some special cases.
The quick handling, the high sound-absorbing power, the reduced weight, the total absence of maintenance of TECNOWALL aluminium panels are however accompanied by a very unpleasant appearance. The high sound-insulating power, its sturdiness, the appearance are strengths of porous concrete panels; however the heavy weight burdening the foundation structures, especially the engineering structures, the difficult transportation, often lead Customer to give up.

FIP and TECNOACUSTICA R&D staff are examining a number of mixed panels that use the different types of materials together enhancing their positive aspects.

An innovative panel in terms of use of mixed materials is the EUROFIP-P1 panel, consisting of an outer box structure of hot-galvanized and painted steel sheet, that is shaped ad-hoc at the back to increase it stiffness, with an inside insulation made of Z conglomerate of epoxy resin and expanded clay with a thickness of 58 mm and a density of 550 kg/mc.
The panel is stiffened longitudinally by two suitably shaped profiles that are fixed to the box structure.
The name comes from the epoxy resin that is used to make the expanded clay particles whole.

Schema pannelli eurofip p1

Pannelli misti Tangenziale Padova

Tangenziale di Padova: barriera antirumore in pannelli tipo Erofip e Pmma trasparente intelaiato con cornici in legno

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