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Steel hysteretic dampers

Steel hysteretic dampers exploit the plasticization of appropriately-shaped steel elements, designed to ensure a stable cyclic behaviour.

Crescent-shaped and peg-shaped elements are the most used for bridges, while buckling-restrained axial dampers (BRAD®) are the most used as dissipative bracings in buildings.

For bridges, steel hysteretic dampers can be combined with shock transmitters.


Experimental hysteretic cycles of a hysteretic damper with crescent-shaped elements.

Dissipatore isteretico in acciaio costituito di elementi a doppio piolo e dispositivi di vincolo dinamico (Jamuna Bridge, Bangladesh).
Dissipatori BRAD installati nella scuola Cappuccini a Ramacca (CT).

Steel hysteretic damper consisting of double-peg elements and shock transmitters (Jamuna Bridge, Bangladesh).


BRAD® dampers installed at the Cappuccini school of Ramacca (CT).



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