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FIP INDUSTRIALE S.r.l. was set up in 1945 as a trading company to distribute technical items for the building, hydro-electric and highway sector. 11 years later Mr. Romeo Chiarotto joined the company to foster the renewal and strengthening of the company by setting up the industrial sector and specializing first in the analysis and production of technical items for large buildings and then in the development of protection and reinforcement technologies of civil engineering works in general.

Today FIP INDUSTRIALE S.p.A., under the control of Donatella Chiarotto, works with state-of-the-art technologies within the civil engineering field, especially in the road and highway, railway, underground, civil and industrial buildings sectors, dams, oil platforms and port facilities, supplying high-quality products and services. Most of FIP INDUSTRIALE products are the result of research performed in its laboratories: over 30% of its personnel is highly qualified and every year the company invests approximately 10% of its turnover in research programs.

The importance that FIP INDUSTRIALE attaches to technical development is also found in the participation in the activities of work groups implementing trade regulations both at a national (UNI, ANIDIS-GLIS) and international level (CEN, EOTA, ISO) in addition to the membership in structural engineering (AICAP, IABSE, ACI, AIPCR, ASSIRCO,...) and trade associations (ACEDIS, ACAI, ANCE).
The company boasts a long-standing experience in technical specifications and technical regulations of many Countries (from China to Venezuela, from the United States to Australia) and skills for product adjustment based on different regulations: it indeed has a long list of approvals, type-approvals and certifications. Since 1992 it has a CISQ-ICIM certification of the Quality System, in compliance with the provisions laid down in ISO 9001 International Standards.

The registered office of FIP INDUSTRIALE is in Selvazzano Dentro, in the province of Padova, where it occupies an area of approximately 51,000 sqm, and is currently present in Italy and in more than 40 Countries with executive and representative offices.




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